• Telling me my life choices are incorrect without a viable solution.
  • Telling me my opinions are incorrect without a viable solution.
  • Basically, telling me shit I do is incorrect without a viable solution.

If you’re going to tell me I’ve done something incorrectly you have to be ready to give a detailed example and explanation of what it is that I’m doing incorrectly. Then, you have to give me options on how to solve it because obviously if I’m doing things incorrectly then I don’t know any other options. I’m going to fight you verbally about whatever it is until one of us has won. If you back down, you lose, and you will absolutely start on lower rung when it comes to our next argument. Don’t do it unless you are an expert in whatever it is that you do better than me. Yeah, and, you have to participate in the actions that you’re proposing and be able to give detailed explanation of how your experience with said actions have helped you to reach your goals. If you don’t back down and can prove yourself correct then you will absolutely start on a higher rung when it comes to our next argument.

If you can’t do that, ask yourself why you’re telling me I’m wrong. Let that sink in. What’s your problem? How do you even know I’m wrong if you don’t know how to do it right?

If you can do it, I very sincerely appreciate your input and will take immediate action on your loving suggestions and will be willing to take on your suggestions with less explanation in the future.