Aptana PHP Plugin Installation Instructions

Installing this Plugin via Aptana or Eclipse

  1. From the Help menu, select Install New Software… to open an Install pop-up window.
  2. In the Work with: text box of the Install window, type the URL http://update15.aptana.org/php/25753/ for the update site, and hit the Enter key.
  3. In the populated table below, check the box next to the name of the plug-in, and click the Next button.
  4. Click the Next button to go to the license page.
  5. Choose the option to accept the terms of the license agreement, and click the Finish button.

Manual Installation

  1. Save the above file to an easy-to-find location.
  2. Open Eclipse distribution, and go to Help -> Install New Software….
  3. Click the Add… button to open the Add Site window.
  4. Click the Archive… button, and select the file saved in step 1.
  5. Select the appropriate plugins to install, and click Next -> Next.
  6. Click the Finish button.

See Installing a Plug-in if you have further questions.



This program will put only your monitors to sleep. Basically, it’s sleep on demand. I binded it with one of the useless function keys at teh top of my keyboard so all I have to do is press it to turn off my monitors. I don’t know why microsoft hasn’t added this functionality to the OS yet but I think they should do it soon. Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate are not good enough anymore. Who turns off their computers when they aren’t on them anyways?

I absolutely hate people who talk in a movie theatre.

And by talk I mean TALK not comment. And by comment I mean comment, not commentary.

So, I just got back from Galaxy 10, watched Zombieland, and that shit is annoying. That is the thing that I hate most about going to the movie theater. Just because you feel like you own the place because you bought the ticket doesn’t mean that you’re special… assholes.

Just found out Big Sean is coming to ATX this Sunday


My site was recently hacked by a penis enlargement spammer. Please disregard the missing content on the front page. The cs carrier fair is today so hopefully I can find some time to rewrite it before any of the recruiters look. I’m confident in my portfolio and ability so getting a call won’t be hard. Wish me luck anyways.

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