1. Install Chrome Canary
  2. Plug your phone into your dev machine with a USB cable.
  3. Browse to¬†chrome://inspect/# on Chrome Canary, and click Discover USB Devices. It’ll look like the following picture
    Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.15.06 PM
  4. IF YOUR PROJECT IS NOT RUNNING ON “localhost:####” then skip to step 7.
  5. Set up port forwarding to whatever port your localhost project is running on
  6. Put that url into the “Open tab with url” field on your chrome canary and it will open a dev window for you. You’re done!
  7. Root your phone http://www.androidcentral.com/root
  8. Install SuperSU
  9. Install Hosts Editor
  10. Run Hosts Editor
  11. Allow SuperSU to give Hosts Editor sudo privlidges
  12. Add a new line to Hosts Editor that matches your dev machine’s hostfile for your project.
  13. Go back to step 6.