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No Money Jokes

I noticed there are discrepancies in what RebelGroup thinks should be done with the extra money that RebelVC is making for this project and probably on more future projects as well.

Acknowledging my own bluntness; Charles and I are the owners of RebelVC so we will do with it as we see fit. If Charles or I want to put it into our pockets, you have absolutely no control over it. I don’t have to explain my actions. However, to put you at ease, realize that we are also entrepreneurs and our every effort goes into growing the company, not to take away from it. Hence the reason this group was put together in the first place. We’ve made our own donations in hard work, dedication, and yes even monetarily to RebelVC in the past to keep it floating and will do so as long as it is necessary.

You are employees of RebelVC who operate under the rules of RebelGroup which are virtually nonexistent as far as business is concerned. You are in charge of your own clocking in and out. This is done through a trust based system and is what allows us to get work done whenever we feel like. I like that system. I trust that you will not clock extra hours “just because.” That trust has also been shown to each of you who have come to me to let me know that you did not clock yourselves in at one time or another and would like hours for it. I still, to this day, have never said no to any of you with any requests that are related to money.

That being said, with the recent developments and seemingly greedy attitudes, I’m sending this email out as a warning to you that these feelings have not gone unnoticed. Remember that
though we are all friends, this is also a business and needs to be run as one. There is a hierarchy even though I do not stress it. In the event that I feel like someone is gypping the company in any form or fashion you will lose your position indefinitely just like you would anywhere else.

Currently we do hourly pay because we can’t afford to put anyone on a payroll. The extra money is what goes towards getting benefits and eventually putting everyone on a payroll.

From here on out, let it be known that I do not take jokes about the company’s money. Do not crack jokes about it to me because I will take them very seriously and you do not want that to happen.

Grinding till the sun set

Grinding till my grand son’s set.

I think I may have found my chance! :) yeah boi. However I do need to focus more on dealbk again. I’ve been slacking off on it really hard and that is not good. Contract work is only good for so long. As long as you are contracting, you are still working or someone else.

Some people wish, I scheme.

Main Entry: scheme
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: plot, maneuver to get result

Charles did the math today and concluded that with DealBk we can make good money with very few merchants signed up. I’m talking about buying a house kind of money. Lucky me, we only play big and very few does not fit our plans.

In what order do you buy the things that define who you are? I’m talking about all those things that no one else really pays attention to. All those things that at the end of the day… you’re the only one who really cares.

I’ll list what I have so far in the order that I like as of today:

phone, computer, apartment, car, house, pet, boat, plane, home

The way I see this list is anything listed before anything else can be bought in multiples before that so… an exploded list may look like

phone, phone, computer, apartment, phone, car, computer, phone, house, pet, phone… etc etc ending with home

When I buy a house, the restrooms will have toilets and urinals and everything will have autoflushers. All the sinks will be automatic too, but with manual on switches.

A new hiphop design for Bang Bang Panda


This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m thinking about using the fuzzy stuff (similar to velvet), to make the RebelVC pattern. Also, If I can get the entire shirt done in that patern I will. I might do white on white instead. Let me know what you think.

Finals Stress

I know I should be stressing harder about finals but I feel like what happens will happen.

There’s a chance that I’ll have to retake my math class which means that my final class in college will be a very expensive one at about 2000 extra dollars. I really hope that the final grade cuts are as low as they have in the past for this teacher. I should have worked harder on my 2nd test. I just don’t understand matrices. The entire class is just a blur and the only reason why I ever get anything correct is because I’m just trying to memorize everything like it’s a function to be run. Wiring my head to do the right thing isn’t hard but reading the questions to fit what I know is difficult because I don’t understand how to apply the information properly. I just have to hope that the questions I see on the exam are questions that I’ve seen before with different numbers. GREAT!

All my other classes however I’m doing very well in and will not have problems in. I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be right? Automata, Programming Languages, Software Engineering. I’m a true CS major through and through.

Some good news

Anyways, our Programming Languages project went very well, most of it on Marshall’s back. Software Engineering went well too.


Our site got a makeover and DealBk is coming along swimmingly! :D

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