The bump works but I’m not sure how well yet. I suppose this week is going to be bump week. I still have another go tomorrow night.

Tonight, I connected with two girls for sure.

First: Across the room, there was an Asian girl. I simply sent an acknowledgment back to her when our eyes locked and that was enough to get her giggling. A simple head tilt will do.

Second: Maggie Mae’s, I only found one girl in the entire place that I was interested in but she was at least 6 inches taller than me. Pretty girl in a blue dress. I directed William at her first. He declined and said that she was too up tight and you could tell by her body language. True. However, I felt a connection that she was watching me dance with the ladies we were with and I decided that the door on that was not locked, just closed and untested. I started with the move from First* and slowly edged in using Loren as a safety. Then I used the bump when I was close enough to her and checked her reaction. I couldn’t see her… So I tried again, this time making sure I was in range and went in for it. I let her know that I was not bumping her on accident and it lead to back to back dancing. At first I pushed her a little, then she pushed back, I slowed it down and she followed so I knew she was in. Something to note about slowing it down a bit, even though it was only back to back it was actually very sexual. I broke it off for a split then pushed back on her and would have kept going had my friends not decided to leave. But, I did feel a spark even with just the back rubbing.

That spark with the girl who was deemed difficult was enough to keep me on top for the rest of the night. Hell yeah.