Include the prettyPhoto js and css files (+jQuery if it’s not already in there…) in your app’s html header. Don’t forget to put the prettyphoto images in /images/prettyPhoto

Add this directive to your app

.directive('prettyp', function(){
return function(scope, element, attrs){
$("[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({deeplinking: false});

Use pretty photo like normal but add the prettyp attribute to your wrapper

<div prettyp class="image" ng-repeat="image in images" ng-href="{{image.path}}" rel="prettyPhoto[main]" target="_blank">
<img ng-src="{{image.path | image : 'thumb'}}" width="70px"/>

¬†Note: You have to turn deeplinking off because it screws with angular if you’re using the # in your urls.¬†