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AngularJS and PrettyPhoto

Include the prettyPhoto js and css files (+jQuery if it’s not already in there…) in your app’s html header. Don’t forget to put the prettyphoto images in /images/prettyPhoto

Add this directive to your app

.directive('prettyp', function(){
return function(scope, element, attrs){
$("[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({deeplinking: false});

Use pretty photo like normal but add the prettyp attribute to your wrapper

<div prettyp class="image" ng-repeat="image in images" ng-href="{{image.path}}" rel="prettyPhoto[main]" target="_blank">
<img ng-src="{{image.path | image : 'thumb'}}" width="70px"/>

 Note: You have to turn deeplinking off because it screws with angular if you’re using the # in your urls. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Wi-Fi Teather Hack

Step 1: Root your phone

On your phone, download and install this APK to root your phone

Step 2: Install Supersu

Install this APK via the play store to allow programs to use the root user

Step 3: Install Root Browser

Install this APK via the play store to browse your phone

Step 4: TeatheringProvision Clobbering

Open “Root Browser” and rename two files from .apk to .apkbak (you can actually name them whatever you want)
/system/app/TeatheringProvision.apk -> /system/app/TeatheringProvision.apkbak
/system/app/TeatheringProvision.odex -> /system/app/TeatheringProvision.odexbak

Step 5: Restart

Restart your phone

Step 6: Install FoxFi

Install this APK via the play store to run the hotspot

Start your FoxFi and Enable Proxy
Enable proxy by pressing the menu button on your phone and you’ll see it in the middle of the menu options.

Step 7: Use Proxy Service (with Chrome Browser)

You should use proxy service with all devices attached to the phone. You can actually do this on the OS level so you’re always using the proxy service. I’m only going to show you how to do it with Chrome because doing it on the OS level is a bitch and you probably only need tethering because you want to browse the web.

Step 8: Install Switchy! plugin to your Chrome browser

Set up Switchy! This is what mine looks like, yours should look the same minus the Profile Name.
Note: “Dragonfly” is the name of my phone, you can put whatever you want.







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