DocLove’s take on my relationship:

When interest level drops off, it’s over.

I now know that the problem with my current relationship isn’t that SL broke her promise to me, she was gone before that. If her interest level in me was high during that night at Nocturnal she wouldn’t have allowed herself to break her promise to me. Sane women with high interest levels don’t do things to hurt their relationship. Somewhere between Ultra and Nocturnal something happened in our relationship and it fell apart. It was already over before I left to Hong Kong. She just needed an out, and she gave herself one. But lets not overlook the real issue here… The problem itself wasn’t her. It was really me for not being enough of a chase. I was not being enough of a chase to the point where she inevitably called me needy and then it was over for me on my end. To me, that was basically the nail on the coffin that signaled that she is no longer fit to be the caretaker of my emotions.


P.s.:I know now that the relationship that I’m looking for only exists within a small time frame of lust “The Honeymoon” Maybe I’ll find another girl to honeymoon with soon and figure out how to keep us in that phase for longer.

Right now, I need time away from her to heal. Tomorrow, figuratively speaking, I need to break up with her. It’s such a shame that something like this had to happen around EDC. It’s going to ruin it for me and her. #Thepriceipay