So there’s a problem that I’ve been having in the work place So I’ve been given a chance to improve upon something at work.

Most of the time I come off condescending and rude to people when I really don’t mean to. But how do I tell someone that there’s something they haven’t completed and I need them to complete it in order for me to finish my side of the job.  I would say something like “I’ve spoken with X and we agreed that there is no need to complete this section because it was not ever positioned to go out into production. I’ve decided to wait for the final implementation to be completed before continuing my work on that todo.” Instead I’ve been instructed to  push the ball over to X and say “X, you know more about this than I do. Can you fill everyone in on the progress of this todo?”

When bringing up anything negative about someone else: If they know about the issues, let them repeat them. If they don’t, let the superiors know and they’ll use their powers of inception to get it done.