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Grinding till the sun set

Grinding till my grand son’s set.

I think I may have found my chance! :) yeah boi. However I do need to focus more on dealbk again. I’ve been slacking off on it really hard and that is not good. Contract work is only good for so long. As long as you are contracting, you are still working or someone else.

Happy Birthday Big Sean

Got this a while back

Happy birthday to my man Big Sean. Thank you for your music and dedication to doing it right. Your music is the most inspiring music that I’ve ever heard. May your next year be full of success and good fortune!

CS372: Midterm

No one in the class got the last problem on our midterm. NO ONE.

He told us and we loled.

Here Come the Mummies!

Went downtown this weekend for sxsw and saw a lot of crazy stuff. By far the best and craziest of it all was this band we ended up seeing at the Blind Pig. They’re a ska band so naturally I was hooked from the beginning but they were actually good! Go check them out when you have a chance, you won’t be disappointed¬† by what you find.

Don’t get hit

This morning, instead of my normal, quiet, walk to class I saved a girl from getting run over. I was walking to my data mining class ~9:00 in the morning when I noticed this girl txting while waiting in the street corner (not on the sidewalk) for the crosswalk to go white… how dumb! Had she not been txting she would have noticed the full steel, heavy duty pickup truck that was barreling down the road and trying to make a left turn over her. I grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the sidewalk and her reaction wasn’t exactly what I was expecting; She actually smiled at me instead of questioning why I grabbed her arm. I told her she was about to get run over; She laughed and continued to txt whoever it was on the other side of the screen.

I’d get this for her.

The Hook

I’m on it. Right Now. :(

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