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Don’t get too trigger happy with the bots

I need someone who has knowledge in the field of spam to help me get my marketing campaign out without allerting the spam gods. It’s really not spam. I truly believe that companies in Austin can benefit from being part of the dealbk network of merchants.

Some people wish, I scheme.

Main Entry: scheme
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: plot, maneuver to get result

Charles did the math today and concluded that with DealBk we can make good money with very few merchants signed up. I’m talking about buying a house kind of money. Lucky me, we only play big and very few does not fit our plans.

In what order do you buy the things that define who you are? I’m talking about all those things that no one else really pays attention to. All those things that at the end of the day… you’re the only one who really cares.

I’ll list what I have so far in the order that I like as of today:

phone, computer, apartment, car, house, pet, boat, plane, home

The way I see this list is anything listed before anything else can be bought in multiples before that so… an exploded list may look like

phone, phone, computer, apartment, phone, car, computer, phone, house, pet, phone… etc etc ending with home

When I buy a house, the restrooms will have toilets and urinals and everything will have autoflushers. All the sinks will be automatic too, but with manual on switches.

This break so far

A lot of work has been done on and we’re getting very close to being ready to showcase it to merchants. This here is just a preview of the sign up form. I have plans to merge this with the login but we’ll see if I can get to that in a couple days. It will be open for beta testing soon and I’m really excited about that. I’m ready to hear what people have to say about the design/UI and make changes to meet any inadequacies my UI knowledge has failed to address. Like all new sites, this project will be in perpetual beta for the first couple years with a feedback form located on the bottom right for anyone to give feedback through. Please feel free to use it or AIM/Facebook/Tweet me to let me know what’s on your mind!

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