Telling me I’m wrong

  • Telling me my life choices are incorrect without a viable solution.
  • Telling me my opinions are incorrect without a viable solution.
  • Basically, telling me shit I do is incorrect without a viable solution.

If you’re going to tell me I’ve done something incorrectly you have to be ready to give a detailed example and explanation of what it is that I’m doing incorrectly. Then, you have to give me options on how to solve it because obviously if I’m doing things incorrectly then I don’t know any other options. I’m going to fight you verbally about whatever it is until one of us has won. If you back down, you lose, and you will absolutely start on lower rung when it comes to our next argument. Don’t do it unless you are an expert in whatever it is that you do better than me. Yeah, and, you have to participate in the actions that you’re proposing and be able to give detailed explanation of how your experience with said actions have helped you to reach your goals. If you don’t back down and can prove yourself correct then you will absolutely start on a higher rung when it comes to our next argument.

If you can’t do that, ask yourself why you’re telling me I’m wrong. Let that sink in. What’s your problem? How do you even know I’m wrong if you don’t know how to do it right?

If you can do it, I very sincerely appreciate your input and will take immediate action on your loving suggestions and will be willing to take on your suggestions with less explanation in the future.

Needing someone to talk to

There a couple categories of things that people in my life do that frustrate me to the point I now have to shut them down immediately. It brings my opposite side out and that makes me mean. It sucks more for me than it does for you, trust. The following posts I write in this blog will be about these categories of things.

8 Chakaras dream catcher bracelet – Fine Jewlery

I’ve finally settled on a piece of jewelry that I’m going to make that embodies a lot of the things that I’m going through in life right now.


root – ruby
sacral – spessartite
solar plexus – yellow topaz
heart chakra – emerald
throat chakra – aquamarine
third eye – iolite
crown chakra – amethyst


root – ruby

sacral – spessartite

solar plexus – yellow topaz

heart chakra – emerald

throat chakra – aquamarine

iolite_6third eye – iolite

crown chakra – amethyst


Ending a 3 Year Relationship

We’d been trying to figure things out for 6 months, lots of fighting. I could never pinpoint the root of the problem and her answer to why she brings negativity, mistrust, lies, into the relationship was always “idk”. I pulled out the final card and we went to couples therapy together.

While filling out the forms, I didn’t realize the list of things that can really fuck up your head falls into only ~10 categories. I circled them all and said none… Stephanie filled out responses for a lot of them. I already know about all Stephanie’s issues but didn’t realize they were almost comprehensive. I assumed without basis that the list was longer? It was a surprise.

After filling out our forms, talked to the therapist, Jan, for an hour. About 20 min in to it Jan dropped the “Stephanie, you have to deal with your problems before we can do anything about the relationship.” Diagnosed Stephanie with PTSD from her upbringing and then told me that none of the problems that the relationship had were actually mine to fix and that they were all simply a reaction that Stephanie’s grown accustomed to. There’s no way that I can comprehend and make sense of what is actually going on, without professional guidance, because I’ve got no real issues. Shit just won’t make sense.

On the base line, the problems in our relationship came from Stephanie’s past. When you grow up and everything is crap then your default is to push it away. So, her default has been to push it away, good or bad. She doesn’t have experience putting in the effort that it takes to keep something that’s good… all she knows is doing the minimum that makes things go away.

I wanted to work through it with her but it was really apparent that even after learning the root of the problems, knowing that the problems are there, that she couldn’t manifest any type of minimal support construct for me to work in. 3 days later she’d gone back to doing crappy relationship damaging things. Then I realized that there’s no way she can figure it out if she’s doing it for “us”. So… I ended it. We ended it.

We packed up her stuff. She’s back in San Antonio with her witch of a mother trying to save up money so she can get away from that bad situation and come back to Austin some day soon. While she’s out there she’s going to continue working on herself with a therapist to help understand her issues that she’s been repressing so they don’t effect her in her daily life like they do now.

And… I’m single :) I think I’m recovering faster than “normal” from it because I had a professional opinion confirm for me that I’ve done nothing wrong.

Not sure about being done for good. I love her a lot and the reasons for this split don’t actually concern “us” on a root level. But… there are some problems that you’re just not going to fix and life is too short for it so I’m feeling much more on the side of it’s done for good, right now.

My Current Thoughts on LTC Mining

Hey what you think about getting 270x and OC it
Friend @ 2:04

idk enough about it
Alvin @ 2:05

Stock gets about 400-450 hashes
Friend @ 2:05

Alvin @ 2:05

Over clock will get you about 500-550 which is same as 7950
Friend @ 2:05

max will pull 475 kh/s
Alvin @ 2:06

where did you see that?

I was guesstimating
Friend @ 2:06

haha okay
Alvin @ 2:06

no need to guess so hard like that

That is max at stock though
Friend @ 2:06

If you OC then you’ll get more

these numbers are overclocked for sure
Alvin @ 2:07


i mean the last one

you can see that the memory clock is at 1500

uses 230 watts

R9 270X, 100364L

ctrl+f “R9 270X, 100364L”

So you don’t think its a good idea? Cause this 280x shit getting stupid can’t find any
Friend @ 2:10

For 330

280x is reported to use 300 watts max
Alvin @ 2:11

30.4% higher power usage

gets 54.4% higher hash rates

I know that… But you can’t buy one those stats are pointless
Friend @ 2:12


right, what you brought up is another part of the analytic answer
Alvin @ 2:14

it depends on the amount of time that you’re willing to wait and what you know about card production speed to the market (nothing)

AND the amount of time that you plan on mining (I’m assuming that number is indefininte)

long run, wait for the 280x it’ll pay off in huge amounts

if you feel like 280x will never show up on the market again, don’t wait and get the 270x

I don’t know what the buy orders on 280x chipsets are

So your saying its justifiable to pay 430 for at 280?
Friend @ 2:19

I don’t think so
Alvin @ 2:19

I think it’s just a craze right now and you should wait for prices to come back down on those things in a couple week


for now, if you want to get into the game immediately, buy coins. it’s possible that your money may be better spent there at the rate of difficulty increase + difficulty to find proper hardware

especially because btc and LTC are down right now

long term running inferior hardware is not a good idea because it’s already hard enough to pay off good hardware.

buying good hardware at +33% costs is just going to make it that much harder to pay them off.

all these undefined variables are starting to throw you off huh?

They are all contradicting at one point lol
Friend @ 2:27

So now its a waiting game

yeah~ I think we should all just play the waiting game
Alvin @ 2:28

I’m not going to do anything drastic for a couple weeks

no more miners

no more buying coins

just enjoy the roller coaster

And let your rigs mine right?
Friend @ 2:29

Alvin @ 2:29

i think we all got in at a good time

don’t let yourself get raped with the rest of the noobs panic buying $400 cards

Mobile Web Debugging on your Android Device

  1. Install Chrome Canary
  2. Plug your phone into your dev machine with a USB cable.
  3. Browse to chrome://inspect/# on Chrome Canary, and click Discover USB Devices. It’ll look like the following picture
    Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.15.06 PM
  4. IF YOUR PROJECT IS NOT RUNNING ON “localhost:####” then skip to step 7.
  5. Set up port forwarding to whatever port your localhost project is running on
  6. Put that url into the “Open tab with url” field on your chrome canary and it will open a dev window for you. You’re done!
  7. Root your phone
  8. Install SuperSU
  9. Install Hosts Editor
  10. Run Hosts Editor
  11. Allow SuperSU to give Hosts Editor sudo privlidges
  12. Add a new line to Hosts Editor that matches your dev machine’s hostfile for your project.
  13. Go back to step 6.

Complaining with – I don’t [verb]… or I can’t [verb]… or I hate… or I [negative word] [verb]…

I have perfected the office appropriate “Quit your bitchin’” and this is me documenting it:

At any point in time when someone complains to you that you that “[they] can’t handle something”, the correct response if you need them to shut ups is: “Most people feel the same way. That’s normal.”

Then there’s no room for them to drone on about it because you’ve already stated that everyone understands, it’s something everyone has to deal with, and they’re just going to have to get over it. It’s best if you override their speech with this response as quick and swiftly as possible even if this means talking over them.

AngularJS and PrettyPhoto

Include the prettyPhoto js and css files (+jQuery if it’s not already in there…) in your app’s html header. Don’t forget to put the prettyphoto images in /images/prettyPhoto

Add this directive to your app

.directive('prettyp', function(){
return function(scope, element, attrs){
$("[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({deeplinking: false});

Use pretty photo like normal but add the prettyp attribute to your wrapper

<div prettyp class="image" ng-repeat="image in images" ng-href="{{image.path}}" rel="prettyPhoto[main]" target="_blank">
<img ng-src="{{image.path | image : 'thumb'}}" width="70px"/>

 Note: You have to turn deeplinking off because it screws with angular if you’re using the # in your urls. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Wi-Fi Teather Hack

Step 1: Root your phone

On your phone, download and install this APK to root your phone

Step 2: Install Supersu

Install this APK via the play store to allow programs to use the root user

Step 3: Install Root Browser

Install this APK via the play store to browse your phone

Step 4: TeatheringProvision Clobbering

Open “Root Browser” and rename two files from .apk to .apkbak (you can actually name them whatever you want)
/system/app/TeatheringProvision.apk -> /system/app/TeatheringProvision.apkbak
/system/app/TeatheringProvision.odex -> /system/app/TeatheringProvision.odexbak

Step 5: Restart

Restart your phone

Step 6: Install FoxFi

Install this APK via the play store to run the hotspot

Start your FoxFi and Enable Proxy
Enable proxy by pressing the menu button on your phone and you’ll see it in the middle of the menu options.

Step 7: Use Proxy Service (with Chrome Browser)

You should use proxy service with all devices attached to the phone. You can actually do this on the OS level so you’re always using the proxy service. I’m only going to show you how to do it with Chrome because doing it on the OS level is a bitch and you probably only need tethering because you want to browse the web.

Step 8: Install Switchy! plugin to your Chrome browser

Set up Switchy! This is what mine looks like, yours should look the same minus the Profile Name.
Note: “Dragonfly” is the name of my phone, you can put whatever you want.







OSX Required Softwares

So I just got my first Macbook Pro from my new company and it’s pretty sweet. Only, there are a couple things that this OS lacks and I’ll list the software that you’ll need to install if you’re coming from Ubuntu + Windows land.

Secondbar – but this one… there has to be a better alternative because it’s not very good when you’re switching desktops.

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